Hydrotherapy Rehabilitation

Our new hydrotherapy pool provides the properties of warm water to enhance the therapeutic effects, providing the property of buoyancy which encourages and facilitates movement.

Patient Care

It is important to note that all exercises are performed with the head above water and closely supervised or assisted at all times by trained physiotherapists whose only concern is the care and welfare of every patient that participates in a hydrotherapy pool session as part of our inpatient and day patient programs.

Patient Safety

It is not necessary for patients to be able to swim as exercises are completed in shallow water. Patient safety is our priority and a trained therapist is always present to provide guidance and support. Hydrotherapy programs are conducted in a group forum or on a one-to-one basis depending on the individual patient’s need.

At Shellharbour Private Hospital, we are dedicated to the provision of superior patient care comfort and well-being in our hydrotherapeutic treatment and programs conducted by trained and skilled physiotherapists.