Our Rehabilitation Centre

Our rehabilitation centre comprises of a new hydrotherapy pool and a fully operational 200sqm rehabilitation gymnasium to accommodate hospital inpatient and day patient services with an assisted day living centre to help patients acclimate to a daily living environment.

Rehab gym

The 200sqm rehabilitation gym area is accompanied with new allied health facilities. These improvements to the rehabilitation centre will ensure the provision of a dedicated and expanded area to treat rehabilitative conditions, giving our patients the safest and best chance for complete recovery.


Hydro pool

Our fully equipped 11m hydrotherapy pool is located within our rehabilitation centre and the perfect environment for aquatic physiotherapeutic rehabilitation. With private change rooms on-site, patients have a comfortable and relaxed space to prepare for their individually designed hydro programs.


Our multidisciplinary rehabilitation team are skilled and experienced in providing patient treatments specific to the injury, illness or condition they have sustained. Our team of specialists will assist patients to ensure their best chance of complete recovery.